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2 Tips to get PERFECT Getting Ready Photos

I know most of us probably don’t know the first thing when it comes to getting killer getting ready photos and that’s okay! Here’s a few tips that’ll help anyone getting married get perfect getting ready photos, or honestly anyone wanting to take better photos in general!

Natural light all the way

Turn off all the indoor lights and go outside, or face the windows when getting ready! Natural lighting is your best friend for gorgeous, glowing getting ready photos!

The reason why I turn off all of my lights is because most lighting indoors has a very “yellowy” hue to it, causing the hue of your skin and the images to look very dull.

The sun however, casts the most GORGEOUS lighting onto our skins which makes for absolutely perfect photos every single time.

 Keep things tidy

If you keep things tidy before your photographer arrives, the photos will look SO much more clean, and the focus will be on what’s most important— you and your fave people, and these precious moments. Not on the suitcases or curling irons in the back haha.

If you set the intention prior to entering the space with everyone to keep it clean and tidy, the chances of it staying that way are much higher.

Assign someone to be on tidy duty

I know it might seem difficult to keep things tidy on your wedding day, so assign someone to keep an eye on things the morning of! That way you don’t have to even worry about it and it’ll just be taken care of.

SAVE this post for future reference when planning out your wedding or elopement to get the photos of your dreams!!


K I wanna know— who’s not a fan of cleaning!? Comment a 🙅🏽‍♀️ emoji if keeping spaces tidy is not your jam hahaha cuz same. My closet is my nightmare LOL



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