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5 Date Night Ideas: Quarantine Style

Since we’re all still in quarantine and can’t go out for date night, I wanted to get creative and come up with some ideas at home. 👇🏼

Make the most epic pillow fort + a movie night

Go grab all the blankets, sheets, comforters and allll the pillows you can find and bring them into the living room (or you can just bring your mattress out there like we do 😂)— make some yummy snacks + watch a movie!

We just did this the other day and it was so much fun hahah 🙌🏼

Get dressed up for dinner in

Just like you’re going out to a nice restaurant for dinner— you guys can get dressed up, make (or order in) a nice dinner, enjoy some wine/beer/drink of your choice, maybe light some candles? ✨🙌🏼

Tequila + tacos

Go grab the tequila GURL and make some margaritas and tacos together!! I think cooking is so fun together and tacos aren’t too hard to make. This is our personal fave 💃🏻🌮🍸

Oven roasted s’mores + patio star gazing 🍫💫

Grab some marshmallows and roast them over the oven flame (or a lighter/match maybe if you have a flameless oventop?) and then head to the patio with some blankets! You guys can cuddle + watch the stars together for hours (if it’s not too cold)!

Plan out your next vacation together 🗺

Grab a pen and paper and plan out where you guys want to go next!! Whether it be camping in the summer months to flying somewhere new— I think this would be so fun & something to look forward to once quarantine is up!

What have you guys been doing to still spend quality time with your partner while in quarantine!? Let ya girl knowww 🔥👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



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