Celestial Spring Elopement in Black Rock Desert // Black Rock Desert Photographer


Even when things take a turn, even when they don’t go exactly how you want it to, even when others don’t believe in you, even when everything might feel like it’s falling apart— KEEP GOING.

Y’all— this shoot was freakin hard. The desert was supposed to be dry so we could shoot on it easily but instead it flooded and we had to navigate through a food of deep ass mud. We were all freezing (especially our couple) so we took some tequila shots hahaha. The sun was quickly escaping behind the mountains, but we rocked blue hour anyways. The lanterns wouldn’t light, so @anniemasonphoto came through with her video light to compromise AND WE MADE FREAKIN MAGIC!!?!!

Life is going to throw you curve balls. That’s just a fact. And we have to learn how to persevere to reach our goals or we might get stuck in the mud.

Can y’all relate??! Was there a time you had to pivot to reach your goals!?! Lemme know in the comments below 🌟👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Host/Photographer: @bridgettewuest
Assistant: @tstantonphotography
Models: @jacqueophoto
Officiant: @matrimonial_mindy
Dress: @moonlightlaceboutique
HMUA: @missy_elise_beauty
Florals: @helianthusfloral




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