Cute Couples Water Session in Lake Tahoe // Lake Tahoe Photographer

Emily and David modeled for a mentor session I was teaching and it was a wild ride that’s for sure haha. The morning of the mentorship and shoot, it was the most gorgeous, sunny day and by the evening it was dark and stormy with crazy wind– it was FREEZING.

We shot at Sand Harbor State Park and the water almost looked like the ocean with how big the waves were getting. They were the biggest troupers though and ran around in their bathing suits anyway for us even though it was so cold!! They could barely hear us when we were directing them hahaha it was nuts. We did what we could but the weather was just getting was too bad– so we decided to call it, especially so they didn’t get sick. Thank goodness we did too because it literally started SNOWING on the way back down the hill from Lake Tahoe. Like what?! In July?!?! Insane.

Emily and David are the cutest, most down to earth couple I’ve probably ever met. They have so much love for each other and know how to just go with it and have the best time! That’s why that day was so great even though the weather was crazy for bathing suits haha.

My mentee really wanted to capture a water shoot, which wasn’t possible on that day, so we decided to setup another session to get her the content she was really looking for.

THANK GOODNESS this day was so much warmer– truly a perfect summer day only a few short weeks later.

Review from our couple:

“I have real tears I’m seriously obsessed!!!!!! Thank YOU SO MUCH 🥺😭🥰 You are honestly the best ever and I’m SO glad I got to meet you!!!! David was so cute and said how much fun he had!!! Both mine and David’s parents are obsessed with all of the photos and I’ve received so many DM’s from friends and family about how amazing your photos are!!! Still can’t get over them 😍 “

Photographer: Bridgette Wuest Photography

Mentee: Brianna Wollard Photography

Location: Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe



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