Cute Winter Engagement Photos in Squaw Valley // Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

Trae and Tessa come up to Squaw every winter since his parents have a home up there. They wanted to take their engagements in Squaw because it holds so many amazing memories and moments here— I LOVE when my couples choose somewhere that’s sentimental to them because it’s just that much more meaningful to them & their story! 🙌🏼

I met them at his parents home & they welcomed me with open arms. We chatted and got to know each other and watched as a storm slowly started to creep in. I helped Tessa finish getting ready with my take on outfits, we grabbed their pup and hopped in Trae’s truck to go explore! 🏔

We drove around their neighborhoods & took photos at the neatest lil spots in Squaw Valley that I’ve never been to!! It was so cool having them show me places that are so special to them! We also bonded over the fact that both of our dogs are psycho with other dogs hahah! We had to stop shooting a few times to keep Gurtrude (their pup) from killing all the other dogs that came by!

We drove back to the house and his mom helped us gather some firewood for them to start a lol fire & roast some marshmallows over!! We went inside after and thawed our toes & chatted about life and the future— and it was just the perfect end to the day.

I’m so beyond thankful for these kind of relationships with my couples and capturing memories in places that mean the most to them.

The next day– they couldn’t stop raving about the sneaks I had sent over and how Tessa’s mom was crying because the photos were so perfect and that they HAD to have me shoot their wedding. I WAS IN TEARS.

Seriously no words for how excited I am to capture these two perfect souls in Los Gatos, this fall. It’s going to be a dream– not only because of the location, but because how close I am with these two and how much they trust me. LOVE YOU TWO!!! Can’t even wait to see you again!




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