Cute Winter Snow Adventure Photos in North Lake Tahoe // Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

Review from my couple:

“BRIDGETTE!!! I AM OBSESSED & SO HAPPY. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!! Thank you so much for everything, we had so so so much fun and felt so comfortable with you! We will DEFINITELY be using you in the future!!!”

All Tayylor wanted was a winter photoshoot filled with snow so we made it happen!! She literally sent me inspo photos for months leading up to this haha. We planned this shoot back in 2019 and were so excited when the day finally came. The two of them didn’t have the best experience with the last pohtographer that they shot with– so it was an honor to get them in front of my lens bein themselves and leaving so happy.

Dylan, Tayylor and I ran around in the meadows for awhile, jamming to dance music and getting goofy– totally their personalities and I love it so so much. Of course we went to Tahoe on a Saturday in January when everyone and their whole family was there– not thinking anything since it was a weekend in January (oops) haha. Thankfully Mt. Rose Meadows is big enough that we could still enjoy every second and shoot without people being in their photos.

Taylor wore the cutest dress but was freezing by the end of it hahah! So we decided to take a break and hop in the car– which turned into shooting at another overlook up the road a bit. Dylan works in Lake Tahoe so he knew about this hidden gem that I’d never been to before. We hiked up the hill a bit (they changed so she wasn’t freezing anymore!) and we stayed until sundown. We saw tons of hikers and people shoe shoeing up here and I don’t blame them– this place was gorgeous!!! It was a trail hugging the mountains that overlooked the entire lake. It was unreal. We brought some beers and blankets with us and soaked it all in.

We hopped back in the car and stopped by Starbucks to grab some drinks to warm up and then drove back to the meadows. It’s been a dream of mine to shoot under the stars, and they were down to experiment with me! It was so difficult and friggen COLD hahah but I was able to get one photo that I’m pretty dang proud of. A storm was rolling in that night so there was a ton of clouds in the sky– which definitely makes it hard to capture the stars HAHA but it was super fun to play around with. I can’t wait to practice more astro photos and hopefully capture alll the stars soon.

I’m so beyond thankful for these two who I know call my friends. I can’t even wait to see what’s in store for you guys next and can’t wait for our next adventure.





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