Cute Winter Snow Storm Photo Session in North Lake Tahoe, California // Bridgette Wuest Photography

Tori and Wes helped me out and modeled for a mentor session this winter!! This was the last session I did before the world basically shut down due to covid-19, so it was definitely bittersweet! We met-up and took separate cars up the hill, made sure to practice our social distancing, hand sanitized our hands hahah and had the best time playing in the snow!!

It had been snowing for dayyyys before we came up so the snow was literally up to our knees guys (it was CRAZY!)– but we made the most of it and just laughed it off every time we fell in the snow hahah!

Then we headed further up the hill to Mt. Rose Meadows in North Lake Tahoe. We were hoping it would start snowing and we weren’t disappointed HAHA.

NOT EVEN KIDDING– within MINUTES the snow started DUMPING and we took photos in the middle of a blizzard for a few minutes! They had a snowball fight and played in the snow for a bit before it started to turn into almost a whiteout. So we wrapped things up and ran towards the cars!

We forgot just HOW DEEP the snow was heading out into the meadow and it was a legit workout getting back. We were basically walking through knee deep snow for like 10 minutes (and don’t forget it was blizzarding LOL). We made it back safely, said our goodbye’s and headed home!

I’m already missing shooting so so much– enjoy!!

Photographer: @bridgettewuest



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