Fall Donner Lake Couples Photos // Donner Lake Engagement Photographer

Maddi and Blake helped me out being our models for my mentee Clare and I! They’re such a sweet, down to earth couple who’s just so madly in love– capturing them was such an honor!

We all met up at the Coffeebar in Truckee, grabbed some coffee and then car pooled to Donner lake to start our shoot! We shot on the docs overlooking the lake, jammed to some tunes, and explored on the rocks until the sun had gone behind the mountains. We all hopped back in the car and drove up the hill to Donner Summit overlooking the lake! This is honestly one of my favorite spots because it’s just so grand and breathtaking. We also found the famous Donner tree swing and were so stoked we could shoot & play on it before it got completely dark!

The day ended by us jumping Maddi’s car because her battery died hahah! We were so thankful it only took a few minutes and we weren’t stuck there forever. Missing these three and this day so much already!



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