Golden Autumn Proposal at Mount Rose Meadows // Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer - Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer

Golden Autumn Proposal at Mount Rose Meadows // Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

Erica and I go wayyy back. We use to work together when I first started photography and would collaborate– she would do my clients makeup and I would take their photos! Kinda a little more incentive to get people to book me back in the day. Erica and I had shot together a few times just for her and also with Hunter last year!

A few months prior to this day, Hunter reached out to me wanting to plan out and capture the moment when he proposed. Of course I was freaking out and so freakin excited for them. The hardest part!? It was probably 5ish months before he actually proposed– Spring 2019. Erica I swear would comment on every wedding blog I posted or wedding image she loved saying “Omg I’m so excited” or “When is Hunter proposing already!? I want to book you for our wedding already!” Hahah it was so hard to hold it all in because she was so anxious and excited to be engaged already. I would tell her things like “ahh idk girl but I’m yours whenever that happens!!” or just avoid the topic at all costs and be like “Thanks girl!! How have you been?” lol but we kept it a secret up until he asked her himself– and it was perfect.

I reached out to Erica a few weeks before the proposal and asked if they wanted to do a shoot together– on me. Hunter planned everything out and I made it seem like it was all my idea & she didn’t think anything of it since we shot together before. She was so surprised and excited when he got down on one knee and Hunter and I patted ourselves on the back for pulling the whole thing off.

THE BIGGEST freakin congrats to the two of you!! It was a dream to capture these moments for you and I can’t even express how excited I am to shoot your wedding next fall!




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