Golden Engagements in South Lake // Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

I’ve worked with these two so many times and captured so many of their life memories– it’s seriously been the absolute best and the biggest honor!

This fall we went up to this gorgeous, golden meadow in South Lake Tahoe to shoot their engagement photos with their lil pup as well! This meadow had the most insane, beautiful sun pouring into the valley of dried grass and we were all living for it. We explored the meadow together, listening to music and dancing around and laughing until the sun tucked behind the mountains. I couldn’t get over their puppy because he’s just the cutest thing ever!! I literally held him the whole time while I shot with Collie and Derek hahah.

After we shot in the meadow– we headed to the beach to capture the last lil bit of sun that was left. The puppy kept running around in the sand like crazy and digging holes haha. Along the beach were the most gorgeous fall trees that were so massive!! We couldn’t leave without taking photos of the two of them basking in their glory. It was the most gorgeous, fall evening and I already miss it so much!! Can’t even wait to shoot your wedding next year!




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