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How to Write Your Vows

Imagine writing tear-jerking vows that your fiancé will remember forever.

They feeeeel your words deep in their soul with tears welling in their eyes because of how much they love you, and how much they know you love them.

But you poop your pants at the thought of where to even begin? I’ve got you.

Tell a personal story or monumental moment in your relationship

Think about your story and how far you two have come!! What’s a meaningful turning point you two have had? Or a moment that you became so much closer? DIG DEEP and speak from the heart.

What do you love most about them?

Think about your top 3-5 things you love about them, and go in depth why you love these attributes so much!

Make sure to say “I love you”

I know this seems obvious and no brainer haha— but while you’re talking about what you love most about them, make sure you remember to add these three little words too!

Let your personality SHINE

They fell in love with you for exactly who are you, so be yourself when writing your vows!! Don’t feel any pressure to speak a certain way. Be goofy, cheesy, silly, romantic—let your vows scream “you” in them!

Make actual promises + commitments

Your vows after all are a lifelong commitment to your partner— so what’s something you want to promise them!? This doesn’t have to be super heavy or deep either, it can be something along the lines of… “I vow to NOT ONLY say I love you every single day, but to ALWAYS kill all the spiders as long as you give me a foot rub” hahaha.

Jake and I are both equally are terrified of spiders so idk if this would be one of my vows— hahaha but you guys get the point.

I hope this helps you guys!!!

Make sure to pin this to your Pinterest to save it for later reference!! 🙂



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