Intimate Wedding in the Trees // Washoe Valley Elopement Photographer

I told Austin to pick her up and spin her around and she instantly had the biggest smile and laugh on her face!!!⁣ 🙂

This summer’s elopement was so gorgeous!! So dang special and intimate in so many ways— just how they wanted it!

Courtney and Austin exchanged their vows together after their first look, celebrated their ceremony with their two pups and favorite people, and then explored in the trees together!⁣

They both never envisioned a large wedding or having to put on a huge event for a bunch of people— so they opted to elope in a place they call home and it was perfect.⁣

I’m so glad they celebrated exactly how they wanted to!!

ALSO— isn’t Courtney’s dress unreal!? I was dying when I saw it for the first time!⁣

Congrats you two!!!



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