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"Bridgette is like that cousin you haven’t seen in a long time but you pick up right where you left off. We seriously adore her soul and her spunk. Let’s be real, sometimes weddings don’t go 💯 as planned, things happen and you have to just go with it. Bridgette’s energy was more than anyone could ever hope for in the midst of stress and busy timelines. She prioritized getting all the shots we asked for, she mingled so well with all our other vendors I mean this young woman knows what she’s doing. She deserves all the credit in the world not only for her creativity and talent, but for being professional AND personable. You can’t not love her. We are beyond grateful for her patience, warm spirit and flexibility. Can’t wait to book her again - hoping for our 1-year anniversary 🙏🏼💗 we love you Bridge 😘"
- Samantha + Mason

"BRIDGETTE IS THE BEST EVER!!!! Holy crap I’m so in love with every single one of our engagement photos 😍😭 Bridgette seriously made us so comfortable to be our weird selves and captured it so well! I love all of the little moments she captured that really show who we are 😭 my fiancé teared up looking at the photos because they’re just so beautiful and US! So excited to get to look at these photos for the rest of our lives! Bridgette, you’re the freaking BEST!!!"
- Valory + Benny

"When looking for a photographer for our elopement, Bridgette came highly recommended by a friend. After spending time browsing her photos, I knew we could not pass up the opportunity to shoot with someone who could capture mine and my husband’s quirky love so well! Bridgette was so accommodating and excited from the first time we spoke. She continued to show the accommodation and excitement through the cold weather during our engagement shoot and elopement day. She goes above and beyond and came so well prepared it made the day a breeze. Her sunny personally and calming effect really helped ease the stress of being in front of the camera. Our photos turned out so beautiful and that is truly the icing on the cake of this experience, we feel like we have made a friend with Bridgette and we are excited to work with her again in the future!"
- Kailee + Damond

"jealous I didn't know about her for my wedding!! She has the best personality that is so easy to get along with. She knows exactly what to do, and helps everyone involved feel comfortable! I so appreciated her telling us the best place to be and where to stand so that we didnt have to guess what looks best! All of the pictures turned out INCREDIBLE and I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet her."
- Rachel Farmer

"Bridgette was the best wedding photographer (and engagement photographer!) we could have ever hoped to have. She is beyond talented, went out of her way to make our day and memories flawless, and fit in with my oldest and best friends as if she had known us her whole life. Just having her around was a blessing, but on top of that, we got hundreds of photos to cherish forever. In what could easily have been an incredibly awkward experience, Bridgette kept us laughing. In the end, we have both amazing model shots and photos of us just being our goofy selves. What more can you ask for? I would hire her again in a heartbeat."
- Katie + Matt

"There is no shortage of wonderful words to describe our experience with Bridgette. Her skills speak for themselves. She delivered sneak peeks right away, had great communication with us, took so much care and effort in the editing process, and was such a professional. Before our wedding, we were sent a sweet package with goodies and a helpful guide that made planning our day so much easier. Most importantly for us, Bridgette felt like she was supposed to be there. One of our major fears was that we would feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, but Bridgette did so many small things that made us feel confident and comfortable. She played music for us, advocated for us to take time to just be together, and encouraged us to take in our day. She went above and beyond. She’s a great photographer, and the best human being. She was a wonderful wedding guest, loved by all, and busted out some sweet dance moves too. Our experience felt so personal and intimate despite having a large number of wedding guests. She was there for all of the special little moments and we are so grateful to have such beautiful photos of the best day of our lives."
- Paige + David

"We couldn’t say enough about Bridgette Wuest photography. We chose her to take our two year anniversary photos a year ago because we loved the pictures we had seen that she took, and we weren’t disappointed. She showed up and was phenomenal. She was professional, friendly, fun, warm, helpful, like family, and was willing to have fun with us! We had a downfall because of the weather and she did not hesitate to come to our town so we wouldn’t have to reschedule. That was amazing and I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend going with her if you’re looking for your pictures done with your loved one. She makes the moment magical and heartwarming. She made us feel as if we were falling in love all over again. I loved how she emailed me the same day I emailed her about our interest. We got it done so fast and she works great with what you need. All in all we’re extremely happy with our photos. We are now getting our maternity pictures done by her this July and I cannot wait. Even though she focuses on elopements and weddings she did not hesitate to say yes to our maternity and baby pictures. Absolutely love her and her work!"
- Diana + Ryan

"Amazing photographer. We had her for both our engagement shoot and wedding day. She knows exactly what to capture and we couldn't be more happy with the results!"
- Celia + Ricky

"I LOVE BRIDGE SOOOOOOO MUCH! She gave my girlfriend and I the best experience together running around Squaw Valley. I am a photographer so it is hard to let control go when I am on the other side of the camera, but she made me feel so comfortable and I am so thankful for that experience! I will continue to work with her for the rest of time. If you're looking for a bomb photog, she is your girl!"
- Shelby + Sara

"From start to finish you were everything we had been searching for in a photographer; personable, reliable, someone who was like a friend from the moment we met and of course you have mind blowing photography and editing skills!"I loved that moment when you bear hugged me at our first face to face encounter! LOL! I already knew I liked you, but that just made it all the more clear! You really care about your clients and love what you do, and it shows!!YES! We chose our elopement specifically to avoid undo stress, and you fit right in with our laid-back personalities. Of course our day was laid out with a timeline, but I loved that we could just wing and do whatever we felt likeJust that I love you and I can't wait until we meet again :)"
-Paige + David

"Bridgette is the best photographer I’ve ever shot with. I was really nervous and had just broken my elbow two weeks before our shoot. She offered to extend the shoot so I had extra time to heal without me even asking! She played music and helped me loosen up so I could really be myself in front of the camera. It is so rare to find a professional who is more than just a photographer - I left feeling like I made a new friend. She even followed up on me to see how I was doing and went out of her way to make me feel special after our shoot. I had my entire gallery back and edited in two weeks! She made me feel completely comfortable and beautiful, and now I have beautiful pictures to celebrate and commemorate how hard I’ve worked in college. Bridgette’s style and vision is so unique - you won’t find anyone like her anywhere else. She knows exactly how to bring your photos to life as compared to a photographer who has you pose and “say cheese.” The photos turned out so great - I can’t even believe I’m the one in the picture! I absolutely love her style and the mood of her editing is so gorgeous. I loved how Bridgette can easily see who you are and understands your style - and captures it perfectly instead of trying to make you look like something you’re not or something that would be uncomfortable. I loved how she asked me if there were any ideas I had or asked me how I felt about trying a different idea. She really included me in the shoot and reminded me that these photos were for me and that she was there to support my vision. Thank you for being so genuine and caring, I wish your career so much happiness and success!"
- Ashley (senior graduate)

“I personally hate being in front of the camera I feel like I don’t know what to do with my hands or my face but Bridgette made it so relaxed and fun and it really shows through in our photos. She tagged along with us on a Jeep ride in the snowy mountains and made us yummy hot cocoa so we could stay warm while we played around in the snow. And when I say played around in the snow I mean we LITERALLY played in the snow like children and it was so fun to let go and act like kids again. There was no awkward posing by any means, she was just taking pictures of Matt and I being ourselves and I think that made me love the pictures even more. Matt and I aren’t the posing type we like to have a lot of fun in our relationship and it was super important for that to show in our pictures and I was NOT disappointed at all when I saw them. The edits also give me life and match my style so well. These will 100% be printed and hung up in every room in my house.”- Erin + Matt"Bridgette!!! Josh and I are so so obsessed with the pictures, they're beautiful!! Thank you so much, you're so talented!"- Sydney + Josh

"What can I even say??!  Bridgette does such an amazing job making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. The whole time my fiancé and I were laughing and just playing at the beach. It was so sweet how she wanted to truly get to know us before the shoot instead of just treating us like clients. The pictures blew us away (I might have cried a little lol!). I’d recommend her a million times over!"- Ben + Hannah"Bridgette is simply amazing and so talented at what she does. If you’re in need of a photographer or just want some awesome photos of you and your love, please do yourself a favor and hire Bridgette. She seriously made us feel SO comfortable in front of the camera. It was like we were just hanging out! Bridgette is so sweet and genuinely cares about every detail of the shoot. I’m usually the one behind the camera, so I wasn’t sure how things would go, but it was such a blast!! I’m already dying to shoot with her again and still can’t get over the photos!"- Julia + Jared

"Our overall experience was amazing! Super fun, easy, exciting, and comfortable. I loved the photos on the beach at sunset and the photo sesh with our bridal parties before the wedding. We felt very chill and relaxed, that's the best part about pictures with you! :) Our day was absolutely incredible and we are so thankful that you captured it so well. You have created forever memories that we will always cherish. Thank you Bridgette!!!"
- Hannah + Dan

“Our overall experience was very fun! We thoroughly enjoyed the instructions you gave, as neither of us are the most smooth or comfortable in front of a camera. It definitely just felt like a date night, so that was ideal. Mostly we just really loved that it was the perfect balance of natural but still good instruction. Not overly posed, just healthy guidance! We're a big fan of getting together before the shoot, so I'd say keep doing that :) Drinks, dinner, whatever. Keep doing yo thang!”
- Monika + Nathan

“I can't say enough good things about Bridgette. I am SO ecstatic she was able to be there for so many important milestones in my relationship. She was there in the beginning as my fiancé and I were doing our first photoshoot. Bridgette was able to make us feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. We truly loved just hanging out with her! And even more so recently, having her SURPRISE me with a what I didn't know was an ENGAGEMENT SHOOT. It was just the cherry on top. I had no clue, and she hid everything so well. She is always professional, on time, and knows what the really important shots are that any couple, or person of that matter, would like to see to and cherish forever. I am forever grateful for the photos she's been able to take for us and would recommend to ANYONE who ever needed a photographer for any occasion."
- Kaeli + Brian

“We recently had Bridgette take our engagement photos, and I don't even know where to begin with how happy we are with our photos and the entire experience.  We previously had a friend take our photos, and we were disappointed in them because they were super posed and looked fake.  We came to Bridgette because her photos are so beautiful, but I was nervous that I wouldn't feel comfortable enough to take photos like the ones she has taken in the past.  Luckily, Bridgette is beyond sweet, funny, and laid back, and when we met her, we felt like we had known her for years.  She made the entire experience so fun, enjoyable, and relaxed.  We danced, laughed, and at one point we were even crying- In a good way! :)  I forgot that Bridgette was taking pictures, and instead, I felt like I was on a date with my fiance, feeling so much love and happiness.  We loved our photos SO much that after receiving them, we immediately cancelled our wedding photographer and hired Bridgette-- and that includes flying her to Hawaii, so that shows how much we love her :) We can't wait for Bridgette to take our wedding photos, and I cannot recommend her enough for anyone who wants natural, beautiful pictures!"
- Hannah + Dan

“It was amazing! My husband and I had a fun trip to the beach and got to spend time with you AND got beautiful pictures out of it! We felt like we were on a date at the beach together and you were there to capture special moments :)! I love how free-spirited you are and how you gave honest direction like for my husband not to bear-claw my face when trying to pose! Haha. The way you had music playing in the background and the way you were so relaxed and cracking jokes was super helpful to us :) you gave great direction and encouragement and always made us laugh! What more could you want from a photographer!?”
- Luke + Hannah

“Our experience with you was amazing! It was fun & relaxed the whole time. You allowed us to be in our element and just be us! We enjoyed our in home and those photos will mean a lot to us, as it is our first home together! You had great energy the whole session! You also were easy to talk to and we loved getting to spend time with you! :) You just allowed us to be us! We are fun and corney and you captured all our silly moments during the shoot. You never made anything awkward and the whole session just flowed well. You have the most bubbly personality and were able to just have fun with us, which means a lot when it comes to the experience of getting photos done :)”
- Kassidy + Sam

“I couldn't be happier with our photoshoot with Bridgette! I loved the personal touches she gave in each detail of the shoot, the results made for intimate pictures that really captured our chemistry and love for each other. The experience was just as great as the pictures, she made us feel so comfortable even though we had never done anything like that before. Overall an awesome experience!’’
- Camber + Connor

“Amazing! You make every session so fun and I’ve always felt so comfortable when usually when I have my pictures taken I’m really awkward. But you give me so much confidence the whole time by the million compliments :) Besides seeing how amazing my pictures are EVERY time, I think my favorite thing is listening to music and dancing and just having fun. I think you’re absolutely amazing.’’
- Hailey + Swade

“It felt so natural to work with Bridgette! It was very much so like hanging out with an old friend. She is warm right off the bat, and she is soooo good at making her clients comfortable. Bridgette's way of making things super easy is something that really stood out. She doesn't overcomplicate the sessions and she has fun with her photo subjects. The fact that she is genuinely interested in getting to know the people she works with really make things that much more natural. Anyone, whether they're used to being in front of a camera or those who typically feel awkward when their picture is taken, would benefit from hiring this lovely superwoman! Oh, AND she was able to capture some really great shots while holding our dog in one hand and snapping photos with the other. Did I already say "superwoman" ?"
- Chadd + Nori

“Our shoot with Bridgette was amazing! She went above and beyond to help us find our outfits, the perfect location, and even music to set the mood! We both felt comfortable and had so much fun with Bridgette! The pictures turned out even better than I could have imagined! We absolutely LOVE them! I loved getting to know Bridgette over the few days she spent with us. She is an extremely talented and down to earth human! She is so easy to talk to and fun to be around!  Bridgette has such a great personality it makes shooting with her so easy. She truly goes out of her way to create a shoot that is relaxed and fun with no pressure! If you want someone who is insanely talented, easy to get along with, and super fun, Bridgette is your girl!"
- Sarah + Dakota

“Our experience was nothing less than magical. You are not only one of the most incredibly talented humans I have ever met, but you make it so easy to get personable and be comfortable in front of the camera. You not only were our photographer, but you ended up becoming a part of our family. We love you and your work, and hope we can continue to have our special moments of our lives captured by you! There is honestly not one thing that we loved most, because everything was amazing. Not only did you keep everything in the perfect vibe, but you knew the best angles to get in order to get the best shot while keeping everything natural! Everything was completely perfect. You exceeded our expectations, which I had no doubt you would do. I would just like to add that we are not only thankful for how beautiful our photos are, but we will forever be thankful that you took the time to say yes to our engagement photos when other photographers would not even reply. You are the best photographer for us, and i hope you realize just how good you are. You are extremely talented and such a beautiful human inside and out, we love you!"
- Kelsey + Kenny

“Bridgette, girllllll!!! Just peeped our gallery 😍😭 Love love love!! You’re absolutely amazing! So crazy how weather really sets the mood and overall feel. So glad we could get both the rain, romantic feels, and all the cuddles. And then all the dreamy blues, sunshine, and us being crazy silly. Gahh You nailed it, babes 😘 can’t thank you enough!”
- Josh + Ally

“Bridgette is truly an artist. Not only is she very professional, but she is bubbly and such a joy to be around. She finds a way of making you feel comfortable, which was a little difficult for me at first since I was in a swimsuit! The emotions she captures are real and raw. She will do anything to get the perfect shot! I loved how interactive she was with us. Bridgette is spontaneous and got completely into the lake in jeans with my boyfriend and I as we were shooting. She is open to your opinions and ideas but also has a vision for the way she wants an image to look. I love how representative these are of Alec and I. She was able to capture our exact relationship. These are precious memories I will hold onto forever. Our expressions are so natural in all of the pictures which is one of my favorite things. We were laughing the entire time, and just being our goofy selves. It feels like a normal day hanging out at the lake but every moment is being captured! I cannot thank you enough for these memories. I know that Alec can be difficult to deal with at times, and that he is impatient, but I would just like to say how professional you were. The work you put into these is incredible, and something I can't wait to look back on when we are old and grey! You have no idea how many compliments I have received. I am forever thankful that we had the opportunity to meet you!’’
- Alec + Taylor

"Oh my goodness I'm obsessed!!! Thank you so so much for the beautiful pictures Bridgette!! Everything was absolutely wonderful. I loved how comfortable you made us feel, sometimes photo shoots can be awkward and you made us feel like we could just be ourselves. I am seriously obsessed with ALL of them and it was so much fun working with you! Keep doing you and following your dream! I’m so impressed :) I hope we can do another shoot with you again in the future!’’
- Nicole + Derek

“I LOVE YOU! Sara told me she had so much fun and felt so comfortable in front of the camera. She hates pics and the way she looks in them, but she loved all the photos you delivered. We both had so much fun and never felt like you posed us once! You are so talented Bridge! We were fighting before and you made us feel so much closer after our session, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Everything in the photos spoke true to us! We were completely ourselves and it shows. You’re da best! Keep doing everything as you are, you’re a superstar!”
- Shelby + Sarah

“It was absolutely incredible! From the moment we started it didn’t feel like we were having our picture taken! We felt so comfortable and had fun at the same time! What we loved most was how personal the shoot felt! The moment when we recreated our favorite date was such a unique idea and it made us feel that special moment that we had when we went on that date! This made the photo shoot feel about us and our relationship more than just getting our photos taken. It was absolutely incredible, it felt so professional but at the same time so relax and fun!”
- Ashlee + Christian

“Brigette made our session a dream. I gave her a couple ideas of places and let her pick one and I’m so thankful for the spot she picked. We got deep into a waterfall and became soaking wet. (Not what you would ideally think would make for a great pic but she freaking rocked it) at first jake felt uncomfortable about the idea of taking pictures and he was asking me questions like what do I do with my hands, what do I pose like...Brigette made it an ease. She is so great at taking charge and has amazing ideas throughout the shoot that just flow so smoothly. We had a absolute blast. Another amazing thing that she did was admit to her “mistakes”. She contacted me the night after the shoot and was upset that she felt she picked too bright of a color shirt for me to wear for our session. Although I still thought they looked amazing it wasn’t what she had been wanting or picturing. This shows a LOT about her as a person and as a business woman. The real world is tough and people most often would usually say oh well, but Brigette contacted us and brought the proposal of meeting again out at the waterfall at sunrise the next morning. I was again amazed at the experience and excitement she brought to the shoot. We can’t thank you enough Brigette. I was so excited to see you up her in Portland and I can’t wait to see where this journey and career takes you.”
- Jake + Karlie

“You were great! From the first time we met you and shot our engagement photos to you capturing our wedding, you have managed to just make us feel so relaxed. You are such an easy going soul with a great talent and it made us eager to work with you! Our photos turned out great everytime because you made us feel at ease. Our photos depicted us as a couple and as individuals with our own personalities. Not to mention, you simply felt like an old friend we were hanging out with, so our pictures came out so natural and beautiful. We love everything you have done with our photos but probably how you capture our story through them. You captured all the emotions, making us relieve everything! You were able to capture how we enjoy laughing and just being us, which I think is important. A lot of people feel like photos need to be romantic and posed, but really the beauty is in capturing the truth/ uniqueness in every couple and you have done that. We felt so relaxed, especially with your music and quirkiness! You’re just an all around easy person to get along with. From our wedding, there were a few photos that were not captured that were important to me. I believe it was less your fault and more a time crunch/lack of day of coordinator organization. I do wish some of those photos had been captured, but I’m sure (as you get more weddings to shoot), you’ll start getting a list of “must have” shots. Overall, we were still happy with everything we got! You’re pretty great and I can’t wait to see how far you’ll go with that amazing talent!”
- Zach + Jamila

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