North Lake Tahoe Adventurous Engagement Photos // Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

Taylor and Jake are the cutest humans EVER and were super down to totally adventure and scale the side of the mountain to take their engagement photos– so rad!! It’s also such a small world because Jake used to go to high school with my good friend Marcus– so crazy!

We went to North Lake Tahoe in Nevada and literally just pulled off the side of the road to adventure. We decided to just friggen go for it and started hiking down the mountain! It was SO steep but we didn’t care hahah. We finally made it to the lake and took a breather before we started shooting. We took in the views and felt the breeze in our hair and the sun on our skins– it was such a beautiful day!

We climbed on rocks and I got into the craaaaziest positions to get the shot HAHA but it was SO worth it! By the time we ended our session on the sandy beach below, we found the easiest trail that led down– but wouldn’t have changed a thing. We loved just going for it and wouldn’t have found those special locations if we hadn’t.

Friggen congrats you two!! So excited to shoot your wedding next year!



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