Reno in-home Session

Mindy reached out to me literally a week before we took these photos and was like GURL, we’re moving!!?! Can you come and take photos of us in our home before we have to pack everything up? So we did it!!

They picked up Popeyes and ate on their patio together for the last time. It’s a tradition that they get two chicken sandwiches (one normal, one spicy) and they share them both — literally the cutest thing ever.

Their cat was runnin around, potential buyers drove by, we played some music, and they took in all the memories they made here over the last 5 years. This was their first home they bought and lived in together so it’s super special and bittersweet to be moving away.

Taking these in home photos for these two in Reno was so beyond special. Mindy – you have such a special place in my heart. You’re SO giving and loving and caring and I can’t even wait to hire you to officiate my wedding one day!!! You & RJ mesh so well and it was so beautiful getting the honor to capture your love.

Love y’all sm!!!!



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