Sand Harbor Surprise Proposal // Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

This summer, Connor reached out to me and said him and his girlfriend we’re heading to Tahoe and he wanted to propose!! We planned out the whole thing and decided on Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe at sundown. They loved the look of the beach and the boulders (it’s hard to beat) so we made it happen!!

I made it to the beach, spotted the two of them walking around, and waited for the moment to happen. I found a bench by them, sat down, and acted like I was on my phone with a camera in my lap ahahah. He popped the question, and then I hopped up and captured the moment!!! She had no idea and was so surprised! She did think it was odd that he wanted her to dress up to go to the beach hahaha but didn’t know other than that one hunch.

Congrats you two!!! So excited for both of you!! 🙂



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