Sand Mountain Engagement Photos // NorCal Engagement Photographer

2020 is hereee and I’m so excited that these two were my first session! Katie and Matt setup a session to practice getting comfortable in front of the camera before their big day– and we ultimately decided on Sand Mountain! Time got by all of us and they didn’t end up booking their session until the week of their wedding. Yepp hahah but it was perfect! And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

I met the two of them at a McDonalds and we all hopped in my car as we headed out to Sand Mountain! They’re having a winter wedding up in Lake Tahoe on the North Shore — so they wanted to go somewhere totally different. And I don’t blame them! Plus they’ve never been to Sand Mountain before so we had to go.

We got to know each other over the 3 hours of driving together, realized we all dig electric music and being weird and letting loose. My kinda people. We ran around in the sand dunes and danced to sick beats until our phones died and then adventured some more. We emptied our shoes full of sand and drank some beers and talked about life— it was amazing. I brought a six pack of 805 for them to try since it’s one of my favorites and they loved it!!

I love engagement sessions SO MUCH because it breaks the ice of never meeting in person before, and allows us to go from acquaintances to friends. We talked about deep, personal things on the way back home, and got so dang stoked for their wedding this upcoming weekend. (writing this the day before their wedding ahh!)

So beyond thankful for you guys!! Look out for their wedding post coming soon. 🙂




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