Secrets Beach Adventure Session in Kauai, Hawaii // Kauai Engagement Photographer

Paige and David eloped in Hawaii and it was a dream!! If you haven’t read that blog post or seen those images yet — go check it out here before you read about their adventure session!

The day after they eloped in Anahola Beach, they were all about adventuring and exploring the island of Kauai so that’s exactly what we did!! They are major hikers so we started out our day hiking the Okolehoa Trail. We were sweating half way up hahah because the incline was so much more than we anticipated!! I told them to give each other a hug half way up because they looked so cute and they’re like “ehhh oh no!!” because they were so sweaty from the hike LMAO.

The views of the island from this hike were unreal. I created my first ever panoramic image which was pretty amazing!! You can view it below! Honestly considering having it printed and putting in the bedroom or bathroom or something!? I think we ended up hiking about a mile up and decided to turn around. Since we wanted to explore some other places we decided not to hike the whole thing– which was 7 miles!

We made it back to the car, downed some water, grabbed some granola bars and hit the road. We tired to visit Queens Bath in Kauai but that didn’t work out so well. There’s literally 10 parking spots and that’s it — which of course were filled up.

So we headed to probably my favorite part of the whole day — Secrets Beach. It’s definitely hard to find and tucked away on the island but holy cow is this place worth it. We hiked down steep steps to the beach which opened up to miles of sand on the right and black lava rock on the left. It was GORGEOUS. We dropped our things and hit the beach!! We played in the water and got washed up by the waves (they were like 10 feet tall at times!!!) and laughed for hours.

This trip made me realize why I love my job SO MUCH and why my connection with my couples is so so important. If it wasn’t for these two, we would have never had all of these experiences together.

I also had the pleasure of working with my good friend Chloe by shooting her newest ring from Resolute Silver Jewelery! She hand makes every item and puts so much love + care into her work. It was an honor to work with her!!

Paige and David — thank you for making this the best trip this spring. I miss you two so much already and can’t wait to come back and do it all over again!!




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