Small Wedding in Esparto, California // California Wedding Photographer

Britta and Danny were referred to me by their sister, Dusty who I became super close with last year!! Jake and I drove down to Esparto, CA for their wedding day the day of, since it wasn’t too far from our house– plus saving money on a hotel room (heck yessss).

I arrived at the Historic Oakdale Ranch where they were getting married, and met up with Britta and Dusty and all the girls getting ready. Dusty and I gave each other the biggest hug and it was the best!! I haven’t seen her in so long so it was so good to see her! And I finally got to meet Britta after chatting with her and helping her plan out her wedding for so long! She was absolutely stunning. All the girls helped her get into her wedding dress, put on her shoes, and did a final check in the mirror before heading out to see her dad for the first time.

Her dad was out back in a little hang-out, shed area, getting ready to see his daughter. Britta walked down the stairs with Dusty and they were tearing up the second the rounded the corner and saw him facing the house. She turned him around and there seriously wasn’t a dry eye around. Seeing them embrace each other was so beautiful!

Britta and her dad drove down the vineyards to the front of the aisle in his old Cadillac, and it was insanely epic. Danny (the groom) saw Britta for the first time, they exchanged their vows, and were officially married underneath the biggest willow tree I’ve ever seen!! It was absolutely beautiful.

We ran off into the Vineyards to catch the last little bit of light at sundown before it went behind the mountains, and took portraits of the two of them as a newly married couple. We found this tree that had a swing in it and of course had to take advantage– probably one of my favorite photos to date.

We finished off the night eating street tacos, dancing with their friends and closest family, and playing hacky-sack. it was epic. Congrats you two!!! So honored to be apart of your intimate wedding day this fall!



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