Spring Beach Engagement Photos in Lake Tahoe

Review from my couple:

“wow we are OBSESSED!!! these are amazing!!!!!!! thank you so much, seriously we appreciate you and everything you did to make us SO comfortable so so so much, we are so excited to see the rest 🥰 also we loved sand harbor so much that we took everyone back later hahah they loved it too, thank you again!”

G + J came to Tahoe and wanted to explore North Lake together. We woke up at the crack of dawn, grabbed some coffee and hit the beach! I took them to one of my favorite beaches in North Lake and they fell in love!! We took photos for their engagement session just as the sun started to come over the mountains. We told stories about where they’re from, what they love to do, their wedding in the future — all the things. We ran around in the sand, taking in the views around us, and couldn’t get enough of the beautiful place we were in. Then we adventured over to the rocks that over look the water and they were so excited. We had the best morning together adventuring and celebrating their engagement!!

They loved it so much that they brought their family there later that day to show them all the hidden spots we went to!! So freakin rad.




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