Spring Eagle Rock Engagement Photos // Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

Nicole and Cody helped me out and modeled for my mentee and I for a mentorship this spring!!

Dani and I had postponed this day for SO long because of Covid and it was finally here & we were SO excited!!!

We met up with Nicole and Cody and took photos until sundown out at Eagle Rock in Lake Tahoe. It was a chilly and kinda windy day but we just rolled with it and they totally rocked it. They brought beers and cuddled up in a blanket overlooking the lake and it was a friggen dream!!!

Then we hiked it back down before it got too dark and cold!

To top it off– a few weeks after the session, Nicole and Cody dropped off a bottle of wine and a card thanking me for taking photos of them + for choosing them to be our couple. And sent one to Dani as well!?! They’re so kind and it was the sweetest thing to receive. Thank you guys so so much!!



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