Stormy, Intimate Wedding in Prudence // Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

Response from my bride:

“Omg Bridgette 😍😍🥰😍🥰😍 thank you so so so so so much. These are incredible. You captures our day so perfectly!! Thank you again for everything. You were such a good sport putting up with our crazy family and the logistics! We appreciated it so very much and it made the day. Thank you!”

Scott and Molly’s intimate wedding was straight outta a fairytale. They’re some of the sweetest, most down to earth humans and I’m so thankful they wanted to fly me out to an island to capture their perfect day!?

We started the day by taking a ferry from the main land in Rhode Island to Providence where her family stays during the summer months. They have a home there. We hung out and chilled & they even made me lunch and iced coffee. Literally just completely took me in like family and I was so so thankful!?

I felt the breeze on my skin through the windows and we watched the kiddos run around the house playing with their leggos. My bride & all of her friends and fam helped make treats + cookies + her bouquet before the ceremony— it was so beautiful to see everyone come together to help.

Their ceremony was on the rocks down the hill from the home where they shared their vows & agreed to forever.

A storm started rolling in as we drove to take photos on a historic Navy doc close by— somewhere special to these two since Scott is on the Navy. We took the raddest photos with the nastiest storm creeping in as lighting & thunder filled the sky AND IT WAS EPIC. We started running back to the car as it started POURING rain!!!

We drove back to the ferry to catch the last ride back for the day and as we got onto the ferry— the sun peeked out from the clouds and we caught the most gorgeous sunset on the ride back. Their wedding was an absolute dream.

Scott and Molly— thank you so much for wanting me to be the ones to capture your perfect day!!! I’m so beyond thankful for you!




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