Summer Elopement in South Lake Tahoe – Lake Tahoe Elopement Photographer

Review from the bride:

“Holy cannolis these are absolutely stunning!! We are over the moon with how these turned out and are so grateful for how professional but chill you were! We can’t say thank you enough!!!” 

Wow. This day was absolutely incredible. Holley and Adam reached out to me and they wanted to elope up in Tahoe and ended up deciding on Tragedy Springs in deep South Lake Tahoe. They decided on this location because of Adam’s job. He had been up to this location when he was working one day, saw how it completely opened up from the trees, how it overlooked Silver Lake and how you could see into the horizon for miles– it was breathtaking. He told me when he came up here for the first time, the first thought he has was “Wow. This would be the perfect place to get married!” It was just so surreal and special because that’s exactly what happened 5 years later!! They eloped and it was so beautiful!

I drove out a couple hours before I was supposed to be there— and I’m just going to be real here. The officiant was expected to be about 30 minutes late, which turned into her being an hour late. But it ended up being a blessing in disguise in a way because I took care of them, calmed their nerves and said everything was going to happen the way it needs to. We shared some beers and laughs and took photos as the sun started going down– it was perfect! 

Then the officiant got there and we hiked up to their ceremony location which was up on the rocks overlooking the water. Their ceremony was short and sweet as they both teared up sharing their vows to one another. It was just the four of us, so it was truly so special to watch these two come together in such a breathtaking place. I stole the two of them for some photos to truly live + cherish this moment for them. I turned on some music and I just had them take in the moment and told them how truly special this was, and how thankful I was that I was able to share this moment with them. How truly grateful and honored I was to share this moment with just the two of them and their officiant. It’s such a special moment to share with two people who just eloped because I’m (the photographer) the only other people who got to hear those vows and see this moment unfold. 

Being a photographer gives me chills sometimes because I truly have the best job in the world. I’m the only one who was truly able to capture those moments for these two— and that’s such an honor and blessing to me. It makes me feel so thankful that they trusted me with their life memories to make me apart of their most special day. I had them embrace each other and just hold each other close, and then we adventured and explored the area!! We took photos until sundown and there was literally the most gorgeous, bright, saturated sunset full of bright pinks and oranges and I was literally screaming out loud hahaha. They popped some champagne and celebrated that they were freakin marrieeddddd!!! So awesome. 

The sun had just passed over the hills and then we hiked back down! And it was really special. 

Adam and Holley — thank you so much for letting me share this special moment with you two. It was seriously an honor.





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