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Summer Lake Tahoe Engagement

Summer Lake Tahoe Engagement || Cat and Sean

Cat and Sean celebrated their summer Lake Tahoe Engagement session right as the fires were starting to lessen in 2021. The Caldor fire and the Tamarack Fire were burning pretty bad now for a few weeks– the worst Tahoe has seen in a long time unfortunately. This had caused the smoke and air quality in Tahoe to get so so bad– with evacuations in South Lake Tahoe and even some homes burned down. Thankfully they stopped a lot of the fires before they could spread any farther and closer to Tahoe, saving so many beautiful land marks from burning down.

We decided to go to Donner Lake and the surrounding areas to celebrate their engagement, since the fires and smoke wasn’t as bad over there! We found a dock on the side of the road and danced, and laughed and held each other close. Getting to capture their love amidst the tall pines and the peaceful lake was such a beautiful sight to see. We hopped in the car, and headed to the cutest little ice cream shop in Truckee. Little Truckee Ice Creamery. The cutest little spot in town, with local and handmade ice cream to enjoy. We all ordered some cones and then Cat spilled some of her chocolate ice cream onto her white pants hahah and we all couldn’t stop laughing. Thankfully I edited it out so you won’t be able to see it though, but just imagine it was there 🙂

We spent the rest of the evening exploring on a beach together as the sun started to set over the nearby hills. There was nobody around, and we soaked it up. These are some of my favorite images I’ve captured– I feel like you can truly feel their love as they held each other on the beach and took in the views. And then they hopped into their suits and ran into the water with a game of tag to end the night. It was awesome. Cat and Sean – thank you so much for wanting me to capture this beautiful time in your lives before you tie the knot. It really was the best day!!

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