Desert Engagement Photos | M & F

Desert Engagement Photos | M & F

We took these epic desert engagement photos this summer! It included beers, swing dancing, and their pickup truck and it was epic. We explored up in the hills and soaked up this special time in their lives.

Mckenna and Forest are huge country lovers, so naturally, we cranked some country music on my little portable speaker, and let them jam out to their favorite tunes. Putting music on during my sessions is one of my favorite ways to loosen the mood and let my couples instantly feel more comfortable. They always have a good time since they’re listening to their fave tunes, with their fave human, in one of their favorite places!!


“I just want to cry. We look like we are truly enjoying our lives and relationship. Each photo shows so much love and different emotions. Thank you so much. We’ll do it again and again. 😭😭 cannot wait to hang some of these in our home!!!”

The Adventure:

We started our adventure by dancing in the dirt, and then started to make our way up into these huge rock formations. Check it out!!

This is one of my favorite places to take engagements that’s close to Reno because of the epic rock formations — you can’t beat them!!! Also, if you’re a fan of camping or off-roading/mobbing in the dirt, you’ll love this place for multiple reasons.

If you hire me to capture your reno engagement photos, I’ll show you this amazing hidden treasure!!

Their favorite drink to enjoy together is a Corona, so obviously we whipped some out.

Corona – Sponser me 😉

Then we headed up deeper into the mountains to explore some more.

The sweetest little moments that were so tender and loving. Love these friends and their love so much.

I think the highlight of the night was when I told the two of them to hop into their “cute little truck” and Forest lost it hahah. He’s like who’s truck are you calling “cute and little!?” LOL. I’ve realized I call so many things cute and little even if they’re not little lol it’s just a thing. He forgave me but he’ll never let me forget it haha.

They hopped in his truck and enjoyed the last little bit of sun left before it dipped behind the mountains. They also showed me their amazing country dancing skills and danced the night away!!!

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