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Sunset Proposal in Lake Tahoe

Sunset Proposal in Lake Tahoe

Graham and Madelyn celebrated their sunset proposal in Lake Tahoe this summer, and it was absolutely breath taking. He reached out to me a few months prior to help him plan and find the best place for him to pop the question and we made it perfect!!!! We totally pulled it off and she had no idea! G + M truly love the beach and water so he wanted somewhere similar– I decided to take them to one of my favorite beaches in Lake Tahoe: Sand Harbor State Park! It’s one of the most popular beaches in Lake Tahoe for a reason; with golden sunsets, large boulders, and breathtaking beaches– you can’t beat it.

Poor Graham was so nervous yet so excited every time we hopped on a call to go over details! Hahah it was the absolute sweetest!!! The day came and went like a flash. Madelyn and Graham have one of the most joyful, passionate love’s I’ve ever witnessed. So tender and sweet and kind. I’m so beyond excited for ya’ll and this new journey in your lives!!! Congrats friends!!

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