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These two celebrated their Kauai wedding this Spring and it was so beautiful

Kauai Wedding

kauai wedding


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Erin and Jaden hit the local ice cream shop, grabbed their skateboard, and we took the most epic kauai couples photos in the streets of hawaii

Kauai Couples Photos | E + J

couples skateboarding and eating ice cream


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These two celebrated their kauai canyon elopement this spring and it was a dream!! We adventured around the island and had a blast.

Kauai Canyon Elopement | D + L

wedding couple hiking up a mountain


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This Spring I headed to Hawaii and took the cutest Kauai surf photos with these two!! Sammy and Joe were celebrating their anniversary, so what better way than on the beach? We grabbed their surf board, hit the beach, and played in the water until sundown.

Kauai Surf Photos | S + J

kauai surf photos