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Lake Tahoe Autumn Engagements

Lake Tahoe autumn engagement

Lake Tahoe Autumn Engagements || Nicole & Justin

Nicole and Justin celebrated their Lake Tahoe autumn engagements with me and it was a dream! Miss this day so much!! We met at one of my fave meadows in Tahoe and ran around in the golden grass, laughing until our bellies hurt, and then had their lil pup join!! He’s so cute and they got him a little bandana that said their parents were getting married– DEAD. SO FREAKING CUTE.

We headed through the trees and onto the beach as the sun started to go down. Sunsets in Tahoe always amaze me. The sky started turning orange and yellow – it was a dream. They danced and listened to music and seriously had the biggest, most infectious smiles on their faces!!! And then Nicole really wanted to hop into the water (although it was September at this point and the water was starting to get pretty cold hahaha) — so they DID THE DAMN THING! Justin took off his boots and Nicole took off her heels and they roamed and splashed and soaked up the fact that they’re freakin engaged!!!

Seriously the best night getting to know these two and their story. Congrats ya’ll!!! 🙂

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